‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’ – Socrates

How I can help

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    Feeling burned out, in need of a transformation?

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    Considering leaving the current job but too scared to take the leap?

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    Redundant and looking for new opportunities

You might already have a great career, but maybe you are not enjoying the challenge anymore – or your current role does not feel meaningful any longer.

You have started thinking of a fresh start – a transformation…

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    How engaged are your employees?

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    How effective are your teams?

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    Looking for ways to achieve better results?

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    Want to stay in charge but maintain better work/life balance?

Your business might be stagnant and in need of an injection of energy and vision, but not sure how to do it and where to start – time, finances, people?

Ultimately, business performance starts with YOU, the business owner, director or businesswoman or -man!

Through my coaching process, I will provide you with an external, objective and constructive perspective of your current situation as we work towards finding the new and improved ‘business’ you.

My business coaching is based on a results-driven hybrid model of coaching, mentoring and consulting. As a starting point I use DISC* – personality profiling to assist you in understanding yourself and getting the best out of your team. Tools like ‘Wheel of Work’ and SWOT analysis help to identify your priorities and setting effective goals. Value identification reveals your motivations and ensures that your goals are in line with your most important values in order to achieve desired results.

With a renewed sense of freedom and self-awareness, energy, motivation and confidence, you feel revitalised and empowered to manage yourself and your business better. You will be more in control and will have the focus you need to make the right choices and decisions you can take your business (and yourself) to the next level.

  • Are you wondering why you are here?
  • Do you want to explore your purpose in life?
  • Feeling confused about your life and look for clarity and direction?

As your personal Coach I take an intuitive approach, and together we find out the most important elements of your life using ‘Wheel of Life’. Looking into 6-8 ‘slices’ of your life focuses your attention on the areas most in need of action. We start with ‘An End in Mind’, identifying the bigger picture first and then deciding manageable stepping stones that take you on a pathway towards the final destination, the ultimate goal.

Embracing the journey of learning and discovering about yourself and the world around you, together with daily actions, ensures that you connect with your life force energy, Chi, and keep on moving in a more harmonious state of mind.

*DISC – methodology was founded by Dr. William Marston and illustrated in 1928 in his book ‘Emotions of Normal People’. DISC is an acronym based on four core personality groupings: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliant. DISC -model classifies people primarily either as task-orientated or people-orientated, then as outgoing or reserved.

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What clients have to say


After nearly 20 years in pharma industry I ended up with a burn out; feeling sick, stuck, powerless, unhappy both at work and home. I started coaching with Anne in the beginning of the year. I was introduced to tools like “Wheel of Life“ and ‘What are My Values’ which helped me to clarify my priorities and set vision for my future. We set goals and I started reaching them one by one feeling more empowered. During our 6 months’ coaching process I gained greater self-awareness which helps me to make better choices based on my Values.

Coaching with Anne had a significant impact on my work/life balance. I gain confidence and self-belief to choose a totally new direction in my career and started my own home interior business, something I had dreamed of for a long time. My work and life have found a new balance and become more meaningful.

As a coach Anne is very organised, well prepared and professional, yet easily approachable and empathetic.

Kristiina Ilves

Owner, Willa Krystle

‘I was confused, “lost” in life’s crossroads …

I wanted to find clarity and define my dream future free from past hinderances. Anne’s coaching came in just right time!

My life-coaching started with compiling a list of what was important for me in life (values).  Surprisingly, I discovered that Money didn`t come first on the priority list - I felt ashamed to admit it first but then I was relieved. Instead values like trust, wellbeing (own and close ones), peace and productivity were close to my heart.

I also learned that I had a tendency to seek other people’s approval distrusting my own ability. I let go this old limiting belief when I realised that it was untrue and started listening to my inner wisdom instead. Coaching was instrumental in the process of learning and self-discovery.

Becoming more self -aware and knowing my set of values and priorities in life (using Wheel of Life) made decision-making easier: selling my share of our house to my ex, renting my flat to Syrian refugees, buying a house together with my new partner. In the past I dwelled over decisions for a long time feeling anxious, exhausted, uncertain.

Now I feel more confident in directing my life. I am living a life that is almost too good to be true: I am balanced, and life feels meaningful again! I know that I am well prepared to deal with any future challenges there may be! I have my “toolkit”, my values and healthy beliefs.’


‘Anne’s approach to coaching resonated with me from our first meeting. We connected and “got” each other, helped by our mutual appreciation of holistic wellbeing practices. She was clear from the outset that her approach was to guide me through any issues and challenges faced, where I’d ultimately provide the solution to the problem(s).

She was calm, clear, personable, methodical and provided a wealth of practices and approaches to each problem or situation we discussed on our calls.

I loved Anne’s approach to weaving her experiences into our conversations, our sessions felt conversational, yet structured, full of encouragement, guidance and mutual respect.

I felt Anne really listened to my “problems”, drawing out key or common themes from my dialogue and presenting them back to me in a way that gave clarity to solutions or food for thought for deeper exploration of the potential solution.

I will be keeping abreast of Anne’s coaching journey, would recommend her without hesitation and look forward to attending her future events under her newly launched coaching venture.’

Ncheta Dasilva

Zola Eve