'What you pay attention to in your life,
determines your life.'


I am solution oriented, inspirational career and business coach with 25 years of international business experience. My passion is to help others to succeed by rediscovering their drive and focusing on things that matters with a renewed clarity

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'A calmer mind is a
stronger mind.'

My approach to coaching is holistic and value-based. It’s a structured conversation where client makes plans for a better future. During this process clients learn more about themselves and their values which enables them to manage their business, career and life more effectively.

Coaching is a tool that is used to empower people and to improve performance of both individuals and organisations.

The Promise

When you embark on your coaching journey with me, as a result you can expect:

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    You have established your vision, identified goals that matter to you / your organization and have a plan of action with responsibility

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    You are more aware of your own values and belief structure and are more confident to use them as a 'compass' in making decisions in your business, career or life

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    Your/organisation’s DISC - profile is explained which enables you to manage your business/career more effectively, feeing more in control

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    You have become more empowered, with a renewed sense of freedom

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    You have found more enjoyment and purpose in the journey of life

What clients have to say


After nearly 20 years in pharma industry I ended up with a burn out; feeling sick, stuck, powerless, unhappy both at work and home. I started coaching with Anne in the beginning of the year. I was introduced to tools like DISC - personal profiling 'Wheel of Life' and ‘What are My Values’ which helped me to clarify my priorities and set vision for my future. We set goals and I started reaching them one by one feeling more empowered. During our 6 months’ coaching process I gained greater self-awareness which helps me to make better choices based on my Values.
Coaching with Anne had a significant impact on my work/life balance. I gain confidence and self-belief to choose a totally new direction in my career and started my own home interior business, something I had dreamed of for a long time. My work and life have found a new balance and become more meaningful.
As a coach Anne is very organised, well prepared and professional, yet easily approachable and empathetic.

Kristiina Ilves

Owner, Willa Krystle

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The journey begins here